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Too many project drag on too long.  The final touches become afterthoughts and they never seem to get resolved.  Our goal is to establish a completion date and stick to it.   If the date needs to move due to changes or additional work, it will be addressed at the earliest possible time.   And an extension date will be discussed and mutually agreed upon.  Another commitment we have is to provide our clients with a “punchlist free” project.    We do our absolute best to address potential issues when we see them and perform our own daily punchlists to ensure everything is taken care of prior to turn-over to the owner.   “We’ll catch it on the punchlist” is never something you will hear on our jobsites.”   If something shows up on a punchlist at the end of the project, we didn’t do our job.  Period.   No excuses.   If we do miss something, rest assured it’ll be take care of the moment it is seen.

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