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There When You Need Us.

There are many hours in a day. But none to be wasted. At NorthEast Construction Management Group, we value your time and your business. That’s why we are 100% accessible.
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About Us
What does that mean?

We hate “phone tag” as much as you do. We want answers to our questions as quickly as you want answers to yours. ASAP is our guide, and our promise.

The principals of the company aren’t just there to smile and shake hands. They are always available to discuss your project. To address concerns. And to make the changes necessary to accommodate your budget and needs. And if something isn’t right? They get involved.
Our people are accessible because we care — and because we get how a project can interrupt your life. Because construction is all we do, we understand that though with improvement comes disruption, intruding as little as possible is our goal. With each individual job, we learn the boundaries you want set and work well within them to keep your definition of normal intact.

85 William Penn Road
Lehighton, PA 18235