Lehighton Area Memorial Library

Lehgihton, PA


NorthEast Construction Management Group was pleased to provide a much needed, long awaited addition for the Lehighton Area Memorial Library — especially since it serves the community in which we live and do business!

Working closely with the library’s architect and engineer to meet an extremely tight budget, we managed to deliver exactly what was needed and wanted. 

The key to successful builds?
For us, it’s constant, clear communication and ongoing design collaboration. 

Checking and double-checking issues related to safety, cost and timing enables NorthEast Construction Management Group to exceed expectations while avoiding cutting corners and delaying a project’s completion date. 

We self-performed the concrete, gypsum board, metal framing and installation of doors, frames, & hardware and used our strong subcontractor relationships for the other trades of the project. The 2,000 square foot addition features additional library space, a large multipurpose room, two ADA compliant bathrooms and an ADA compliant ramp.